Welcome to PinoyRO

The time has come for a new adventure to begin in midgard, Prepare your selves for grind and battles because the mostly awaited PinoyRO has come. To bring back the old days enjoyment and adventure that gathered all the best mmorpg players in the philippines.

Come and join us now!

Guild Package   Qualification:  Applies ONLY to Guilds who plays on another server and want to migrate to PinoyRO.  Guild needs to reach level 20 and 15 active members.     
🔥 Astral Temple Instance: Works like other instance with 12 Stage (per Zodiac) each Boss in Map have 20% chance to drop Midgard coin Min-Max of 7 Players Capacity to start. 🔥 War
3V3 Clash Event APRIL 20,2019 (11:30AM GMT+8) 🔥 Rules: 🔥 🔹 1. 1 job class per party and must be members of the guild 🔹 2. No Creator , Paladin & Professor Job Class 🔹 3. First one to e
1st Edition WOE
Prontera 00 - 00
Geffen 00 - 00
Payon 00 - 00
2st Edition WOE
Sch gld 00 - 00
Aru gld 00 - 00
Name Kill Death